The importance
of planning fertilizer

TThe importance of planning the fertilizer purchase in the light of the current scenario.

To ensure profitability and avoid losses, the purchase planning has become a fundamental strategy for the farmers, even more relevant today due to the increase in production costs and uncertainties about the availability of agricultural inputs.

Even before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, fertilizer prices were already being impacted due to the sanctions applied against Belarus, increasing the price of potassium chloride before the war. COVID pandemic also had a great contribution to significantly increasing the sea freight.

According to the ‘Global Fertilizer Market Scenario’ panel by Agrinvest, the increases were 202% for the granular fertilizer monoammonium phosphate (MAP), 379% for potassium chloride (KCl), 197% for urea, 196% for ammonium sulfate, 266% for super simple phosphate, 256% for super triple phosphate and 397% for ammonium nitrate.

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