Cibra’s new plant in
São Luís (MA)

Cibra invests BRL 250 million in fertilizer plant in Maranhão

The unit in the region of Porto do Itaqui will have state-of-the-art technology and the capacity to produce 500,000 tons/year

Cibra announces the construction of a fertilizer plant in the Porto do Itaqui region in São Luís (MA). The new unit will increase the penetration of agricultural products in the producing states of Tocantins, Maranhão, Piauí, Pará, and Mato Grosso and proceeds with the company’s vigorous expansion plan.

“The choice of São Luís has strategic value in Cibra’s expansion. The new plant will serve a region with high agricultural production growth and high consumption of fertilizers. Cibra has been growing vigorously and sustainably, along with Brazilian agribusiness, and our consistent results show the farmer’s confidence in our work”, says Santiago Franco, CEO of Cibra.

The investment in the new fertilizer plant will be R$ 250 million. The company has acquired the land in a strategic location near Porto do Itaqui and plans to start operations in the first quarter of 2024.

“The São Luís unit will use state-of-the-art technology, with overhead cranes and full automation of the bagging process for a faster, safer, and more efficient production. The company plans to use photovoltaic solar energy and rainwater in alignment with its Environmental, Social and Governance. This new unit joins other projects in progress, in which R$ 400 million has already been invested by 2022. The complete expansion plan should reach a total investment of R$ 1.5 billion by 2026”, informs Celso Rocha, COO of Cibra.


The new fertilizer plant, on an area of 100 thousand square meters, will produce straight fertilizers and blends, have 44 spaces for trucks, and ample modern support facilities. Its construction will generate around 500 jobs. Once inaugurated, the unit will create approximately 300 direct or indirect jobs.

Cibra has been growing for years above the average of the Brazilian fertilizer market and is one of the five largest companies in the sector in the country. Last year, construction began on a new unit in Sinop (MT) with the prospect of opening in the first half of 2023. Also in 2021, it opened a plant in Uberaba (MG) to serve the Triângulo Mineiro region more closely.

“Cibra is proud to follow the growth of Brazilian agriculture and provide our partners with high-quality products and services with agility and understanding of farmers’ needs. For this year, Cibra’s forecast is to grow at least 20%, reaching 2.4 million tons/year.”, says Santiago Franco, CEO of Cibra.

Having innovation as one of its pillars, Cibra is constantly improving its management and production in a highly competitive market. This year, the company launched CibraCoin, the world’s first crypto-asset linked to the price of fertilizers, which allows the farmer more predictability and security when buying fertilizers and offers the market a new option for investment in agribusiness.

In 2020, the company opened CibraStore, the first fertilizer e-commerce in Brazil. The digital store already sells in high volume and is registering growing interest from farmers.

Based in Camaçari (BA), Cibra currently has 12 units in Brazil: 3 in Bahia, 2 in Mato Grosso, 2 in Paraná, 2 in Goiás, 1 in Rio Grande do Sul, 1 in Santa Catarina, and 1 in Minas Gerais.

On Cibra’s Blog, you will find featured news about the world of agribusiness and follow the main trends and opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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